Xinjiang create a customer to create a local community leader Kirin

The arrival of

era "13th Five-Year" construction, all the new development plans, Xinjiang area to encourage local youth with entrepreneurial employment, and preferential policies to attract guests from Xinjiang back to business, for the construction of the beautiful Xinjiang, circle the motherland and contribute to the dream.

"whimsical to reckless life, can make a difference." I like this sentence, as an entrepreneur, first of all to give yourself a dream." Kirin’s dream is to change the life of science and technology innovation.

2007, a Xinjiang Agricultural University computer science graduate from kylin, gave up the institution of "a secure job", to "drift family. Do sales, do management…… But three years of work experience, let him feel more and more distant dream.

can through the mobile phone or tablet, you can control all electrical appliances in the room? 5 years ago, such a dream. I and three students kylin computer professional together back in Urumqi City, registered Xinjiang hexinyun Technology Co. ltd..

"team, everyone has their own work experience, age have the span, so we shed tears, quarrel, but for a common goal, everyone’s heart is always together." Kirin memories.

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