Simulation pet gross profit of more than 50%% suitable for small operators

now, many people keep pets, however, such a pet, have you seen it? Eye blue cat to stay in the TV; two lazy sausage dog curled up dozing in the basket lay down…… But the strange thing is, these cute little guys, don’t shit pee, do not eat, why is this? Originally, they are made of animal fur in accordance with the size of the physical simulation of pet.

and operation of these simulation animal, is a young mother Chen Xuemei. Even more interesting is that, if the beloved pet died, she can imitate the way it looks like a clone of a small pet, to the owner of the bitter sorrow.

at the beginning, Zheng Xuemei’s business is not good in anticipation. Although these cute little guys earn a lot of eyeballs and customer praise, but often see more people, fewer people buy. So she had to settle down to find out why. The reason is: one is the simulation of pet mostly by PET scale production, although the vivid, adorable, but many customers worry too big, put in the home place; two is the simulation of pet price is too high, the price is more than 300 yuan, the average customer is not easy to accept.

pet simulation

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