Some business matters needing attention fangpian

entrepreneurial career above, a lot of people want to be able to quickly achieve brilliant wealth market, but how to achieve this brilliant entrepreneurial road? On the way we are eager to find, many people will drill a lot of loopholes to cheat, so we still have to pay attention to.

1, after receiving a letter of inquiry can be recovered, you can offer, but will not accept the invitation to personally come to discuss the company issued such an invitation has actually exposed the tail.

2, do not worry about their customers do not go there will run the business, because he really want to buy, is concerned about your credibility and strength.

3, the sample can be, pay the sample fee, even the courier charges to let him out, no gifts, but you must explain to the customer, the customer does not have the sincerity to do this thing because of anger, unless it is a liar, you haven’t started his way blocked, he can not anger you.

4, to buy gifts, no problem, as business is done, I also miss dinner tube, now no way. Real customers also consider long-term cooperation, the first time you even if you take the initiative to invite him, he will not go, not to mention the customer you want.

5, signed a contract and do not lose their eyes, a lot of crooks this time to put forward A: rebates in advance. B: want gifts.   C: reimbursement.   D: all kinds of expenses, etc.. In the name of various expenses to you, this time to awake, do not adhere to, don’t worry about the contract do not go down, because you have to know the matter to this step, you obviously have met a liar.

6, Kuandaofahuo, or invite customers to Party B’s payment terms, for additional terms of the contract must be premeditated, is likely to trick in those terms.

7, the two companies never mind the key is to be strangers to each other, the course of events is normal.

8, not luck, there is no free lunch, the real customers care about is your strength, price, quality, reputation and service, only those with low IQ love liar will go the wrong door.

9, do not believe that only 100 yuan a big liar, people may cheat you, so be careful in peace of mind, good anti cheat.

10, do not be anxious, you only do 100 thousand orders, why do you want to fight the 10 million single, and that your company, he is not aware of your strengths?


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