Wang Huisheng’s business

in such an era of fierce competition, if you want to make a good business development, this is not an easy thing, often need to master more business skills. So how did Wang Huisheng succeed? What kind of business does she have? Now, let us come to know, to see if this business is helpful for the development of our business.

Wang Huisheng’s vegetable and non-staple food shop is located in the east of county compound pedestrian street, the original North County Federation of trade unions. In recent years, because she insisted on "everyday parity, happy life" business philosophy, to enhance the quality of public life as its mission, is committed to quality service and comfortable environment, fresh products, affordable prices, shopping, leisure one-stop service for customers. The customer as a loved one, intentions services, intentions management, attention to detail, the pursuit of perfection.

through a series of inconspicuous little surprise, small indeed fortunate, small details, touched the hearts of customers, won the favor of customers. Her store has customers like clouds, profits rose steadily. She shops and old customers said: "the king boss is good honest, enthusiastic and considerate towards customers. To her shop to buy things, each will bring a different surprise and moved, make people feel comfortable and happy."

intention to launch the launch of the small really fortunate

Wang Huisheng said he liked the work of Japanese writer Haruki Murakami. In the reading of Haruki Murakami’s essays "Lange Hans island in the afternoon", know the word small indeed fortunate. Small indeed fortunate in life is a little luck and happiness in life is flowing in every moment and transient beauty, is the heart of tolerance and satisfaction, is grateful for and cherish life.

Wang Huisheng laughed and told me: "I understand the small indeed fortunate is: touch the pocket, found incredibly rich; the phone rings, pick up the handset that is just miss the person; to buy just the price; you always want to buy things, but it is very expensive, one day you came in a little shop very cheap to buy." When we will be one of these "small indeed fortunate" picked up, it will find the most simple happiness!

in our life, there are too many people complain that life is not good, bad business to do, but also can not stop the footsteps of hurry. As everyone knows, it is "busy" and "careless", so that a lot of people lost their lives that often subtle to the need to experience the heart of the good, it will not feel a little bit of joy in life and moved.

Wang Huisheng inspired, she would like to be able to put this kind of subtle and happy, used in their usual business, to send a customer satisfaction and good. So, she pays much attention to living habits of each customer into the store shopping, for certain goods preferences and customer needs, desires, thoughts.

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