Liu Chuanzhi tells you how to start a business

for many people, are very envious of those who have achieved success in business. There are many factors affecting the success of entrepreneurship, we need to accumulate experience, only in this way it is possible to achieve entrepreneurial success. Liu Chuanzhi, chairman of Lenovo holdings is China’s 80s representative of entrepreneurs. Let’s listen to how he was successful:

1. action: do it immediately, go to

during the founding of the enterprise, it is necessary to deal with the external environment, and the lack of relevant experience, indeed will encounter numerous difficulties, at this time, there is no other shortcut, first of all to have a firm goal, and then go to adhere to, to endure. The first thing to do is to act, do it immediately, and stick to it.

2. responsibility: do not encounter problems

before winding fling caution to the winds.

will sometimes encounter some hard after the initial goal setting, if at this hard fling caution to the winds, it may be a dead end, great loss. For example, many young entrepreneurs, with their parents’ pensions, raising money to start a business in the early stages of entrepreneurship is likely to be difficult to succeed.

avoid "hard", is must pay attention to entrepreneurial process problems must be circuitous forward.

3. preparation: before making a major decision, the form of research repeatedly clear

4. insists: there’s the right way to stick to


5. team: not only do the group to do a lone hero bravery hero,


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