How do you want to buy a hardware store popularity than creative

is the name of a person, but also a symbol of a hardware store language.

in Ciqikou town in Chongqing, there is a strange shop is the sale of hardware products, the name is called "Restroom". The shop owner is the explanation, because of the ancient town of tourists, on Restroom become a difficult boss, simply put the name directly into "Restroom" to attract customers.

hardware to hardware store owner name is a skill, a good name if the loud call will bring great benefits to our own hardware store.

This paper simply introduce

industry preferred.

consider shops where the geographical and cultural environment, avoid speak the same language, caused by context obstacle.

if you often use local places to shop, name.

is easy to remember

If a product has built a small brand in the local, have their own customer base, and get approval, will be preferred.

personality to attract popularity of the store name is good, but do not violate state regulations or infringe upon others or infringe upon the name, name, or even social merit, so the store name is bound to be some punishment, at the store in the name when you think.

from the hardware store is named "Restroom embrace popularity", we can see that the hardware merchant on the business of natural smell, hardware store owner creative marketing model is also worthy of our reference hardware business.

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