Hold the acquaintance of the market do not let you only failed

we all know in interpersonal communication network is a very important resource, one way to success, with the help of a friend is unavoidable, but today Xiaobian want to say if you want to expand the business to do?? please give up acquaintances market, some channels open heart! Do the market, sales, not worry about their contacts, friends, do not be afraid, do not! If you do business just to sell any business acquaintances, it will fail! This world is more people you don’t know. So, please give up acquaintance market!

80% people do not believe that you can succeed; 70% of people think that you could be brainwashed; when you have small achievement, 60% of people think that you are not capable, but good luck; when you are on the right track, 50% of people think that you’ve just started, not to make money when.

when you start slowly with you and they need things, such as: income, family, career, car, house, 40% people of your thumbs said, you are a smart, people will make money! At this time, a lot of people around you, will come to you mix, whether ripe.

this world is like this, everything is hard in the beginning! But if you resign, poor people poorer, the rich would get money. Because, more than ever on timely assistance, there are always some people destined to be poor, some people are doomed to


the difference between the poor and the rich, is not entirely dependent on your background, financial resources, ability. But depending on who dare to change, who has the courage to try new, who dare to doubt and opposition in others, adhere to their own ideas and goals. There are a lot of opportunities every day, anything only tried and tried, you will know what is your own opportunity, which is the most appropriate marketing! Adventurers to create opportunities, each one more chance would mean more close to the target, closer to success. Wait and see the opportunity to lose, in countless waste, was pulled down more and more far, and finally you can not see the shadow!

don’t expect the market from the start, and don’t expect help from others. Everything starts from zero, since the choice, to say goodbye with acquaintances market! Some people think that their own circle of acquaintances is private property, but when you have such thoughts, your friends, classmates, relatives also have such feelings! When you are planning to make people around you money also, who is your true and unselfish friend


no matter in first-tier cities, or small city, there are many forms of various types of demand, the market is very large, very strange tempting! We start the market, need to do is: give up the market development of new market without acquaintances,


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