How to open a noodle shop business location

pasta is the staple food we Chinese, streets and lanes everywhere can see the noodle shop, is also a big demand for an industry, now the noodle shop in the food and beverage market, has also been an unprecedented development, get rid of pasta in the north and the south of limitations, now has no boundaries, whether South or North, for pasta, are very popular. Open a noodle shop, for many entrepreneurs, there is a market prospect, but want to make money, the premise is to choose a good store location. So, how to open a noodle shop business location.

1, the residential community: the best choice to open a noodle shop, residential community population uniformity, all in the family unit, dining out opportunity, every family of 2-6 people, should have enough seats to accommodate the environment, food selection should be rich, the decoration must spend more costs, can meet the needs of adults and children demand, consumption and holiday dinner, does not appear obvious off-season and peak seasons.

Business district

2, the local ethnic work: Poly, activity time in day time, so time is due to consumption of lunch, lunch time is not long, but the meals are between 11 points to 13 points, more attention should be paid to the supply speed, industrial and commercial areas of the dining environment is not high, a cleaning service attitude the seats can be more intensive to accommodate more customers, dinner only overtime meals, such as pay attention to your characteristics of pasta, help business dinner, every Monday to Friday, Saturday, is the consumer focus light.

3, the School Park: every year only nine months after vacation, the noodle is only suitable for University, college, high school students of this kind of consumption ability, student consumer groups vulnerable to trend changes, so the food changes require constantly, to the requirements of food sanitation, is the choice of dining for lunch dinner; supper, all can do, have a business, to the winter summer vacation go in search of offbeat newsgroups, almost no one can.

4: night market, night market, the market of all kinds of people gathering, he combines entertainment, shopping and dining etc. all kinds of people, many competitors, so to be strong noodle characteristics, others can do what I can do, I do not! Operating room are mainly in the evening, the afternoon is the preparation of materials: from 5 in the evening to start at zero o’clock in the morning to go to the point of view, go to the night market are generally want to eat to eat, so the amount can be less than the general two.

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