Trapped reality treasure mom to join the entrepreneurial Army

women in our country between family and career are not always have, in order to avoid the job market for women’s invisible discrimination, now young mother decided to choose their own businesses, the majority of the "Baoma" began to join the army of entrepreneurship.

in the business tide, there is a kind of business people both ordinary and special, it is a young baby moms, commonly known as "treasure mom". According to incomplete statistics, at present, Wuhan independent entrepreneurial treasure mom more than 100 thousand people, but with the implementation of a comprehensive policy of two children, entrepreneurship treasure mom is still increasing.

forced out of the small boss


snapadoo. She took out his work for many years of savings, in the area outside the Street rented a facade, open up a baby swimming center, provides the baby bath, swimming, massage, massage and other services.

the beginning, please store is professional massage. But not long after, massage on the requirements of wages, and employees say go. In order not to suffer the employees "bullying", Liu began everything, also passed the "permit" and "infant massage baby swimming instructor qualification certificate".

"my shop charges than the mall is low, the service is good, and I personally go into battle, the business is really good." She said that in their own district and the other three areas of the young mothers, many in her shop to do a card, busy time, at 9 in the evening there are children to take a bath, massage.

seize the opportunity to become a starWith the resignation of

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