Offbeat names make it difficult to understand


is a name offbeat general, at least let passers-by feel a little strange, let customers feel more fun, maybe it is to attract people’s attention, so that the business of the shop is better. However, at the same time but now some offbeat name let people difficult to understand and know that don’t know what to understand.

these days shopping, found a lot of strange names, what the "terrorist base" and "guard" and "frequently dressed thin ‘, a foot shop named" foot to foot. Gathered in Binjiang Road, Heping Road and other businesses, found that many consumers name all sorts of strange things "visual impact".

nice boost business new name

"now, the name is not only a sign or symbol, it can reflect the location of a store, can boost business." See a clothing store named "commoner:" in a shopping mall in Binjiang Road, the owner of Miss Ma said she sells products to cotton, so it has a name.

name offbeat ironic

novel and beautiful name indeed eye-catching, but some character names are confusing. In a shopping mall in Binjiang Road on the second floor, a "thin dress Qin" plaque. Outside the shop, a pair of young men and women around for a while, did not dare to go in, "this", you are a beast in human clothing "in to buy what?" Said, two people smile away.

Customer: what new name

is the key to

The citizens of

Ms. Huang said, some of the name easy to attract their new in order to be different, but easy to remember. There are also people holding different views, Mr. Jiang said, he never care about the name, the most important thing is the thing inside and good service, if there is no substance, name up and fancy is useless.

Business Name: new regulations more special red

Industrial and Commercial Bureau regulations of Mr Liu said, now the name of more and more new in order to be different in the pursuit of personality, but they also must follow the laws and regulations, according to the "Regulations" and the name of the enterprise, the store name can not be detrimental to the state and social public interests, not with deceptive or misleading name, not the name for the Chinese phonetic alphabet and the names of government organs.

if you want to make more creative name, the name of this offbeat is undoubtedly a success, it is worth entrepreneurs have. However, if you want to store offbeat real success, but can not cross this line of moral, or self defeating.

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