What are the two major concerns of barbecue shop

in a variety of delicious food and beverage market, barbecue is undoubtedly a lot of people’s favorite, because of this, there will be more and more people want to invest in a barbecue shop. In short, with the barbecue industry is hot, many entrepreneurs have to see this business investment, and the investment cost is low, all want to win his first pot of gold by barbecue. Would like to barbecue hot market is not easy, need to pay attention to a lot of detail, then the barbecue shop operating the two notes which?

A: string must be bigger, at least should not be less than other stores, to maintain consistent, so as to hold the guests. Do some better taste, unique, such as three in front of Xinjiang mutton string, although has just opened, and the price is very expensive, but soon attracted a lot of tourists to eat.

But the price of your

is not suitable for our consumption, because the guests eat barbecue is actually killing time or chat with friends, do not want to eat more expensive series, the first two can be, for a long time, treat people naturally want to go to other stores.

For example, when

want to eat, to eat that other cooking or to other barbecue shop, so for a long time, the store sales will be down, there will be no future development, continue to open would have no meaning. Based on the barbecue shop is a pastime of the hotel, economic benefits is the fundamental business development barbecue shop.

two: and the waiter and master a good relationship, and other festivals; appropriate more open, pay better than the monthly. Barbecue shop belongs to the service industry, which is the quality of service will determine the development of passenger flow and barbecue shop to a certain extent.

and the level of service depends on the service of the barbecue shop staff, so we should try to make the staff in a similar working conditions and mentality. Don’t take care of everything, just let them know what they should do, and do it well. The boss is only in the right time to urge, there is no need to worry about everything.

of course, in addition to these two should cause the attention of the barbecue shop owners, the most important part of the barbecue shop business is the customer. A guest, should immediately send tea, don’t let the guests of the table is empty, let the guests to sit down, have something to do; once the dish is started, it should immediately be guests used condiments on the Qi, do not delay the guests or guests dining caused discontent.

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