This winter how can less the Benko time drinks

drinks to join the project choose Benko time it has fruit drinks, to the severe winter, you are not already at home for the new year. Put on your red clothes to welcome the new year. Benko time also began to drink shop for clothes, the product line gradually transition to the winter drinks series. Benko time drinks as the famous food drink on the market, has a huge advantage and rich product line in the product, all the year round in season a single product supply, greater profit space. This winter, come and drink store Benko time to a romantic encounter.

Benko time fruit drinks by the project headquarters food research chefs through a juice drink hundreds of day and night out. Although in today’s beverage market, all kinds of Fresh Juice beverage brands emerge in an endless stream but for time drinks, Benko classic flavor, small is the first time such memories.

time drinks Benko store

Benko time fruit drinks brand flagship four kinds of drinks, including special juice series, snow, fresh fruit base Smoothie extract fresh tea and lemon mango. These kinds of juice are mainly used in different ingredients, so the nutritional value is also different. However, each kind of juice in the project headquarters of the special process of production, are striving for the nutritional value of the ingredients to get the maximum play, and then meet the nutritional needs of each consumer.

Benko store is the one and only time drinks in terms of ingredients, seasoning formula of these juices is studied by Food Research Masters exclusive secret project headquarters together, not only nutritious, and every kind of food can guarantee juice drinks taste.

time drinks Benko store store decoration is very exquisite, especially suitable for the talks between friends and Lovers Dating, imagine and his beloved, meet at the time Benko shop scene, a cup of fresh series Benko time drink, eat slowly, stay time, cherish you together time, it is a very wonderful thing.

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