Xining industrial and commercial system for the first time to participate in the national legal know

"what is MLM?" What places can not be held direct?" October 15th, the Xining Municipal Industrial and commercial system was held to combat pyramid schemes direct marketing to build a harmonious – the Franco Prussian knowledge contest in 2010. In addition to the four districts and counties of Xining city from the industrial and commercial law enforcement officers, Amway Qinghai branch also assigned a staff of three to participate in the competition, with law enforcement officers to explore the dangers of mlm.

to commemorate the "direct selling regulations" "the prohibition of marketing regulations" promulgated five anniversary, to crack down on illegal pyramid schemes, to ensure the healthy development of economic society of Xining, the construction of a harmonious society, sponsored by the Xining Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce, Qinghai branch of Amway with "no pass pin regulate direct to build a harmonious legal knowledge contest with prizes. Get the broad participation of each society. In October 15th, a total of 9 teams of the members of the team participated in the field of knowledge contest, Amway Qinghai branch to participate in the legal competition in the industrial and commercial systems, law enforcement departments to support and encourage. It is reported that this is the first time the Xining Municipal Industrial and commercial system held a wide range of legal knowledge contest, the strong support of the Amway Qinghai branch. After the publication of the knowledge contest in the newspaper, the Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce received a total of 5780 people to participate in the answer card, to achieve universal knowledge of the legal effect of good.

after the expert judges carefully marking and on-site sweepstakes, list of the awards winners have been produced.

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winning list:

first prize (5): prizes worth $500

Li Fayi Zhou Yuhu

two prize (10): prizes worth $200

Tan Qinglong Han Dongqin world peak

small east of the east of the United States in the east of the United States of America, and he is not the same as in the east of the East. It is the

three prize (15): prizes worth $100

Yang Wenhe Zhang Qinghua Zhao Guihua Shi Guoping Feng Mei Na Li Runxiang Xu Jinlan Li Ling Li Yongkui Ma Cuifang Shi Fenglian Zhao Lijuan Ma Liangqing Wang Fabin Dong following the East

Memorial Award (30):

Zheng Jun Yang Liping Shi Mingjun Zhou Zhiqiang Zheng Yuanrong Zhang Xiumei Pang Haiqiang Ma Cunfu Zhang Liqi Wang Junbang Liu Shenggang Wang Fenghua Liu Qizhong Ma Yucang Chen Guoyun Yan Shengyu Ma Xiuying Liu Ming Sun Baonian Wei Shengfu Wu Yonghong Chen Yuping Cao Yufeng Li Gang Wang Xiangyun Wang Xiulan Zhang Ruimin Yan Jindong Zhou Hao Li Xuechao

public acceptance requirements are as follows:

1 when I have to accept the original ID card, on behalf of the person to carry my ID card and the original original ID card, copy.

2 from October 31, 2010 until the end of the day from now until the expiration of the waiver.

award place: Qinghai City, Xining victory road 22, Amway Corp customer service


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