Xining power supply company to ease the supply voltage 110 thousand volt Park substation opened

March 1st, after repeated demonstration, Xining power supply company 110 thousand volt Park substation started construction, the park will be completed after the completion of the substation power supply pressure Xining. In recent years, a large number of high-rise buildings in Xining, but the existing substation has been full load or overload operation, Xining power grid is very weak, the construction of new substation is imminent. Xining power supply company 110 thousand volt substation construction site in the far away from the residential area of Xining people’s Park on the West side. Covers an area of 1188 square meters, for the entire construction of the framework of the entire indoor closed, the main transformer capacity of 3 sets of 50 MVA transformer, the project began to be completed and put into operation during the year. (author: Yuan Zhen)  

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