West District of Xining Yanan spirit four into preaching to enhance the moral quality of citizens

"Yanan spirit, is the spirit of hard work, is the spirit of serving the people wholeheartedly, is the theory with practice, the spirit of continuous innovation, is the spirit of seeking truth from facts!……". Recently, Xining City West area will research into the west area of Changan Yunfeng, Party cadres and community members in-depth and detailed explanation of the essence of the spirit of Yanan, the connotation and value of the times, and guide them in the new period how to inherit and carry forward the spirit of Yanan.

this year, to celebrate the 10 anniversary of the establishment of the spirit of Yanan West District, the district extension research will be through study tours, the spirit of Yanan "four" 10 anniversary retrospective results of preaching, and to commemorate the spirit of the West District of Yanan on the 10 anniversary of the establishment of the exchange of experience and recognition of the four activities in the region. Vigorously promote and carry forward the Yanan spirit, improve the cadres and masses of knowledge and understanding of the Yanan spirit in the new period, to enhance the ideological and moral qualities, to promote the construction of spiritual civilization.

the launch of the campaign, the spirit of the West District of Yanan will be held to celebrate the 10 anniversary of the celebration of the "four into" preaching activities. In July November, the district extension research will respectively in various communities, schools, and institutions in the rural development for Party cadres, youth, and rural residents Tour propaganda activities, and vigorously promote the great national spirit and excellent revolutionary tradition, and actively create a memorial area research will set up 10 anniversary, a good atmosphere for the heritage of Yanan the spirit of the. (author: Ma Zhanyu)

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