Qinghai window of opening up to the outside world to celebrate the 10 anniversary of the establishme

ten years of wind and rain Road, casting brilliant. September 25th, the Xining customs conference held in the Provincial Center for the ten anniversary of the general assembly. Liu Chunyao, deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee, vice governor of the province, as well as the relevant departments of the provincial government, the import and export enterprises and the head of the customs of the people attended the commemoration of the general assembly of the people’s Republic of China, Wang Lingjun.

in commemoration of the general assembly, Wang Lingjun fully affirmed the achievements of Xining customs clearance 10 years. He said, 10 years, Xining customs actively construct and perfect the taxation, the tax hit record highs, contributing to the national tax. Insist on innovation supervision mechanism and promote the business reform and customs clearance, customs supervision form pattern in accordance with the actual customs clearance, to further optimize the environment. Comprehensive management of Customs anti smuggling system set up and gradually improve the ability to fight and prevent smuggling gradually strengthen, the effective maintenance of Qinghai foreign trade import and export order. At the same time, and constantly improve the customs supervision, policy advice, service platform "three-in-one" statistical monitoring, with pragmatic attitude sincere service, active service, offer the real policy, the real, do solid work, a strong impetus to the development of open economy in Qinghai. 10 years, Xining customs quasi military customs disciplined very fruitful construction, spiritual civilization construction has made great achievements, a number of departments and a large number of people have access to the national and provincial recognition, establish a good image of civilized law enforcement, enthusiastic service.

Wang Lingjun pointed out that the Xining customs as Qinghai opening window units, has its own advantages in the opening up of Qinghai, has opened the tradition, Qinghai should become the forerunner of promotion, opening consciousness. In future work, we should conscientiously implement the provincial government to deploy the full range of open, please come in and go out to implement the strategic mission, further emancipate the mind, carry out the customs duties fully, actively promote the development of Qinghai open economy, strive for new breakthroughs in promoting the development of local foreign trade suggestions, and strive to have a new breakthrough in the service of two circular economy zone and guide enterprises to develop international market, and strive to make new breakthroughs in key enterprises and key projects, and expand the specialty products export support services, and strive to have a new breakthrough clearance environment, improve the efficiency of customs clearance in the optimization, and the practice of "open innovation confidence" new Qinghai consciousness "" Qinghai pioneer to promote opening up firm "".


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