Xining four leading cadres condolences to the garrison troops

in the 81 Army Day approaching, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo, deputy secretary of the four team Su Rong and Zou Jiansheng, Li Jinqing and other city leaders on behalf of the city, with the city people’s profound sentiments of friendship four Bingfen Road, condolences to the garrison troops. In table yushuiqingshen conversation, city leaders to make soldiers garrison troops to support Xining local economic development, maintaining social harmony and stability and other aspects of the contribution, expressed heartfelt thanks.

on the morning of July 29th, Wang Yubo, Ma Haiying, and his entourage came to the three troops stationed in the army condolences to the. Wang Yubo pointed out that the garrison officers regarded Xining as the second hometown, made a very fruitful work in the maintenance of social stability, participate in local economic construction, reflects the people’s deep feelings to the station. In recent years, under the correct leadership of the provincial government, in support of the officers and men of the garrison troops, the city economic indicators of rapid growth, urban and rural areas are constantly changing, people of all ethnic groups to harmonious progress. Among these are the efforts and dedication of the garrison troops. Wang Yubo said, I will continue to do the work of supporting the army, to support the work of the military construction. At the same time, the earnest hope that the officers and soldiers continue to carry forward the glorious tradition and fine style, continue to care for and support the development of various undertakings in Xining, make a greater contribution in all aspects of economic construction, national unity, harmony and stability.

in the morning, Su Rong, Fan Guoqing, Zhang Qian visited the Xining garrison; Zou Jiansheng, Yan Shujiang, Liu Fade line to the Armed Police Frontier Corps; Li Jinqing, Bi Xiaoning, Du Shupin and his entourage went to the municipal government guard squadron forces barracks in Nanjing, condolences to the people’s Liberation Army and armed police, fire officers and soldiers.

on the morning of July 28th, the city’s four team leaders also made a special trip to the provincial military shooting range, carried out the August military day activities.


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