Xining North Street primary school teachers to teach summer to Yushu

For teachers and students in Yushu to send first-class teaching methods and concepts, while receiving the spirit of Yushu earthquake relief education. On the eve of the school, Xining North Street Primary School 9 teachers to chingdu County of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture sent to the countryside to teach.

has been named as the "Ministry of Education – China Mobile headmaster training project practice base", "Qinghai Province agricultural and pastoral areas of teacher training base", "the shadow training base in primary and middle schools in the first North Street Primary School in our province as a window of the school, always do not forget national unity, focus on education in agricultural and pastoral areas.

in Chengduo County National Second North Street middle school, primary school class teacher Yu Yanrong, Song Lindong provincial teaching, teaching rookie perseverance, were coached by Zhao Lixia on the three to the fifth grade of Chinese and math. According to President Li Ying, during a week of feeding and education activities, teachers are fully aware of the reconstruction of the Yushu people’s hard drive, hypoxia no shortage of high altitude not afraid of hardship, the pursuit of higher education of Yushu spirit, optimistic, strong, progressive, seeking quality worthy of praise, admiration. During the week, the teachers are well prepared and well prepared to let the children feel the different teaching methods and ideas, and have been warmly welcomed by the local teachers and students.

teaching activities, teachers also watched the performances of Zhen Qin primary school, the Qingshui River school district in 2012 to commemorate the "Sambo gripped has" Campus Culture Festival and other activities, and to observe the cultural construction, class of water boarding school to observe the town center, town center water boarding school headmaster Gamaqiuwen looking to the future, responsible for the lifelong development of students the educational philosophy, educational policy and vigorously carry out the construction of class culture, let every student to class instructors are happy to play ideas is to get teachers praise. (author: Yuan Yuhong)


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