Xining district to support small and micro enterprises 23 companies have access to support funds

December 17th, the reporter learned from the City District Finance Bureau, in order to promote the healthy development of small and micro enterprises, the City Finance Bureau multi pronged approach to solve business problems, to help small and micro enterprise development. Currently, 23 companies have been fighting to support funds of $14 million 310 thousand.

It is reported that

, advanced energy-saving products Small and micro businesses to encourage and support the development of low energy consumption, low pollution, on the basis of extensive research, combined with the "help businesses, steady growth, structural adjustment, from the beginning of 2012, the District Finance Bureau arranged 2 million yuan annually to support the development of Small and micro businesses. At the same time, the restructuring of small and micro enterprises and the promotion of employment and entrepreneurship to provide tax incentives, so that we should retreat, the comprehensive use of various tax support measures to support enterprises to explore the international market and expand sales. (author: Mo Qing)

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