Learn the eighteen major harmony community line sing the beautiful Xining

learning through the eighteen · harmonious community line, the residents of the second stations in the comity Street sing beautiful Xining

red carpet, beautiful color of the door, the huge exhibition, November 17th, the provincial capital Jiefang Road East small square is very festive, organized by the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Qinghai daily newspaper, hosted the xbook eighteen · harmonious community "activities in the City District of Xining City Street Office held comity. On the same day, comity Street offices and under the jurisdiction of three community cultural performances team and the Xining Art Museum, Xining city children’s palace recommend art programs so that the audience yibaoyanfu, community residents has become the leading actor on the stage.

– the Folk Spring Festival: Community auditions star dew skills

of the activities of the day, by the Qinghai Sheng Kelly Culture Development Co. Ltd launched the Folk Spring Festival auditions shine, stars have revealed unique community. Crosstalk "flowers" and "journey to the west", folk song "back home", female solo "Tibet Plateau", folk art "looking for son-in-law" and other programs to make the audience excited, the scene shouting, applause constantly. Qinghai Folk Spring Festival Organizing Committee selection are widely loved by the people, tastes good show, bold attempt and innovation of culture and art, mining, packaging, collecting folk art talent in music, instrumental music, dance, drama, comedy, acrobatics, magic, skills. In the study of the eighteen major · harmonious community line activities, comity Street Street office community programs and Folk Spring Festival evening show program launched PK, the atmosphere to the climax.

– audience: enjoy the feeling of harmonious community culture

residents are enjoying the fruits of community culture. Resident Shen Wancheng sang "flowers"". He was happy to say: "my ‘flowers’ show team often participate in various community performances, this time to participate in the activities of a harmonious community, I am very excited." Wang Jianjun, deputy secretary of the Party committee, said the community as a city of the city, is an important part of the whole society. The building of a harmonious community, to create a warm home, plays an irreplaceable role in building a harmonious society, to enhance the level of city management, consolidate the ruling foundation of the party, improving the ruling ability of the party, has a very important significance. The event to create a community cultural brand, so that residents actively participate in, entertain themselves, communicate feelings, cultivate sentiment, to create a harmonious community environment. (author: Yan Zhuo)

: community residents of talent competition starring

"this is a great show!" "That’s a great song. Come on……" "Learn through eighteen · harmonious community" theatrical performances in the street residents comity chorus prelude. Dynamic music to the scene quickly heated up, the residents of the shouting, the sound of the sound attracted passers-by stopped to watch. Then in everyone’s expectations, a series of community residents spontaneously organized a variety of programs turns strong debut, with its lively atmosphere, harmonious notes,;

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