2015 Xining sun drying out gratifying transcripts

2015 years, tourism in Xining municipal government "dry in reality in the forefront, under the guidance of the spirit, temper forward, the city’s tourism industry focus on the decision of the municipal government and the Provincial Tourism Bureau, the National Tourism Strategy of" 515 "as a guide to the province’s" ecological civilization tourism "as the theme in the tourism industry transformation and upgrading, quality and efficiency as the main line, the concept of innovation and development, optimize the layout of tourism tourism, the" leadership "action, further promote the tourism brand strategy, expand tourism supply, improve the quality of tourism services, to create great beauty Qinghai · Xining xiadou" brand, the city’s tourism industry bucked the trend, to achieve rapid development, in domestic and foreign tourists, tourism revenue etc. once again topped the annual domestic and foreign tourists 16 million 65 thousand and 300 passengers, an increase of 11.32%, total Province 69.75%; total tourism income of $15 billion 646 million, an increase of 23.2%, accounting for the province’s total of 62.49%.

2015 years, Xining tourism highlights, to produce an impressive transcript!

in an interview with reporters, director of the Xining Municipal Tourism Bureau Lei Guiying said that in the new year, Xining tourism will be "innovative, harmonious, green, open and sharing" five ideas for the lead, centering on the "positioning to build Xining Silk Road Economic Belt international tourism city center area the tourism China Western and Tibetan plateau tourism service base, continue to highlight the characteristics of city, vigorously promote the" beauty of Qinghai · Xining xiadou "brand, to further increase investment and construction projects, to strengthen the tourism infrastructure and supporting service facilities, enhance the city tourism function, strengthen the integrated development of tourism and other industries. Tourism product innovation and industry, actively promote the implementation of the" Travel + "mode, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, so that domestic and foreign tourists feel" Qinghai · summer Xining charm.

highlights:   innovative high

transcripts: special funds for a record high, a total of 22 million 600 thousand yuan of special funds for the year, an increase of 45.8%.

on the basis of the in-depth investigation, meticulous master project, national and provincial investment policy orientation, strengthen ties and communication with the Provincial Tourism Bureau, often report the project, guidance and support for the invitation. Is in place for the Kumbum Monastery scenic area construction, Tibetan Medicine Museum two, Xiang Yang Mountain Ranch, leisure fun card chase Huahao ecological park self driving camp and other projects discount loans, special subsidies 22 million 600 thousand yuan of special funds.

special funds help scenic building

highlight two:

cited merchants

8 investment projects of new construction area of

transcripts: signed 8 investment projects, as of now has been in place funds of $403 million, of which foreign funds in place of 170 million yuan.

strengthen the organization and leadership of investment promotion work, improve the working mechanism, strengthen;

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