More than and 60 residents to thank the mayor

"a thousand words can not express our gratitude to mayor Wang Yubo. Trouble evening news reporter comrades, we must help more than and 60 residents to thank the mayor wang." "I’m really happy. It’s a problem that’s been bothering us for seven or eight years. We’re so excited." On the morning of May 21st, the north of the city building Lane 26 hospital, the eldest brother Wang Dexiu pointed to the construction of a number of construction workers who are happy to say: "you see, this is the government to build septic tanks for us."

talking about the scene of the mayor Wang Yubo met in May 18th, Wang Dexiu and the old aunt of the old uncle is still very excited about the situation of the year of the year in the year of. Originally, the day the mayor Wang Yubo in the construction of lane 26, check to the hospital review, Wei Jian, Wang Dexiu met the old woman to reflect their living building No. 24 lane of septic tank due to blocked sewers, seriously affect their normal life. Wang Yubo to follow the old woman immediately after the scene to arrange the city government to solve the Northern District, and took the old lady’s hand to promise that they must be responsible for helping them solve the problem.

Wang Dexiu old aunt told reporters, because of historical reasons, they built 24 Lane Hospital and the construction of the residents of the hospital Lane 26, a septic tank with a hospital of more than and 60. Due to the unreasonable construction of septic tanks, coupled with the construction of lane 24 of the sewer network is too long, more than the corner of the pipeline, aging serious, leading to their perennial clogging of the sewer pipe. Wang Dexiu said the old woman, seeing the difficult pressure in their hearts for so many years and immediately resolved, in addition to a heart full of gratitude, more than 60 households will also use practical actions to maintain good health in the hospital, Wei Jian review, the body force behavior of a city and make their own efforts.

it is understood that, in accordance with the requirements of mayor Wang Yubo, May 19th, the north of the city government and the North District Urban Management Bureau on the construction of lane 24 families around the hospital network conducted a comprehensive investigation. May 20th, the North District Urban Management Bureau on the construction of lane 24 family members of the hospital to clean up 4 sewage wells. Taking into account the sewer dredge too small, only a temporary solution, to completely solve the problem of construction of Water Lane No. 24 hospital residents, with the fine refinement management and service purposes, North District government decided to invest new septic tank for the construction of No. 24 Lane home residents. At the same time, taking into account the construction of lane 24 is the house of the last century in 80s, more people living here in the elderly, in order to facilitate the residents to travel, the hospital will be about 280 square meters of space to pave the way for renovation. According to the chief of the City District Urban Management Bureau Business Division Liu Wei, septic tanks and leveling the ground construction of the new project will strive to be completed within 7 working days, then, sewer construction problems of No. 24, Lane more than and 60 households will solve. Report from our correspondent (reporter Sheng Nancai)



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