11 units of the city’s women’s rights positions norms

January 10th, the province’s grassroots women’s rights to promote the standardization of the position will be held. Province to protect the rights and interests of women and children coordination group, the provincial women’s Federation named 80 units as the province’s grassroots women’s rights positions standardization demonstration". Huangzhong City, the town of dopa and other 11 units list.

2013, led by the provincial women’s Federation to carry out the integrity of women’s collegiate bench, 110 family violence alarm points, women’s rights service stations in the grassroots women’s rights in the position of the standardization of the construction of three. Currently, the province has 80 positions to meet the requirements of standardization construction.

, I was the province’s grass-roots women’s rights position standardization demonstration "as follows: Huangzhong County town, Huangyuan county and DOPA Township, West District Tiger Taiwan Street office, Datong County Bridge in the town, north of the city in twenty districts in the town, Nanchuan City District West Street offices 6 women’s rights service station; the Municipal Intermediate People’s court, West District People’s Court of the 2 collegiate women’s rights; Datong County Public Security Bureau police station Ning Zhen, Huangzhong County Public Security Bureau and the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the City Public Security Bureau of the people’s Street police station 3" 110 "family violence alarm point. The meeting commended the 40 units of the honorary title of the "advanced unit for the protection of the rights and interests of women and children in the whole country, the West District People’s court, the East District Women’s Federation and other units in which the 6.


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