Foshan today’s top 2015 venture star

entrepreneurial talent training has been the focus of government support, through a variety of incentives to support, can effectively stimulate the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs, so that they continue to learn in the process of entrepreneurship, continuous improvement.

by economy and science and technology in Chancheng District of Foshan city to promote the 2015 new power Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Foshan City, Chancheng District human resources and Social Security Bureau and the Foshan District of Chancheng City Federation of chamber of Commerce and co sponsored the "entrepreneurial South butterfly, Foshan" second South of entrepreneurial innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition finals will be held in the Chancheng District of Pan Home Furnishing the electricity supplier of Creative Industry Park in the afternoon, 12 teams entered the finals will be decided by the venture star site roadshow way.

"after the 2014 inaugural event, and the 2015 second tournament and the accumulation of resources to expand, the tournament has greatly improved the mentor, capital and other business service resources." According to the person in charge of the South business events, including the Guangdong University of Finance, Shanghai, Shenzhen, the capital of La or angels and other grassroots 24 units, the chairman, the well-known capital partners to participate in the finals, to participate in the roadshow of entrepreneurs is undoubtedly a very rare opportunity.

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