The transport sector in our province to rush through damaged roads

8 month 17 to 24, the province continued to appear in some areas of heavy rainfall, local triggered flash floods, mudslides and other natural disasters, resulting in a number of highway side slope collapse, roadbed collapse, bridges destroyed, traffic blocking. After the disaster, the transportation sector at all levels to invest, with the break with the grab, grab with the pass, race against time to protect traffic.

According to the

Provincial Highway Bureau issued 25 information, the province’s highway traffic disruption in 32, which destroyed 6 full-size roadbed, bridges, culverts completely destroyed 5 completely destroyed 2, 19 landslides, and 39 flooded pavement. Especially the national highway 227 line to Fort Mindanao biandukou severely damaged, 400 meters of the road, the size of more than 80 full-size destroyed roadbed was hollowed out; 109 state line road, 7 kilometers west of the town of tea card full width of 60 meters of the road washed away, 1 seat 12 meters of the bridge was completely destroyed; tea 1 seat 16 meters high the bridge was completely destroyed, highway 204 line winter tree hill road two covered by mudslides, in addition to multiple lines, multiple sections are destroyed.

after the disaster, the Provincial Department of transportation emergency deployment, determine the rescue plan first reopened after restoration, and sent to the hall belongs to roads, highways, road network center and other relevant units responsible comrades rushed to the scene, to carry out emergency work. Highway maintenance, road and part of the construction unit staff set up warning signs in the damaged section, making detour routes at the same time, more than and 10 hours a day of fighting in the rescue scene, to remove the collapse, backfill subgrade slope, repair the sidewalk, and to be released to the public through the website, traffic information board, newspapers and other forms of WeChat platform.

As of

25, 19, the province’s highway maintenance, the highways department has invested insurance personnel more than 1 thousand and 600 people, more than and 700 sets of machinery (cars), up to more than 47 thousand cubic meters, buried bellows 60 collapse, guarantee the most early resumption of blocking the highway traffic. In addition, tea (tea Kayue from high speed 16 km), national highway 227 line (biandukou), national highway 315 line (Ke Ke Zhen Wulan county) 3 sections affected by causing traffic disruption, Sichuan provincial highway, highway line, Ha Er Ma Sheng Daoping match line 8 lines affected by single lane traffic. The rescue insurance through work units are still stepping up.


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