The province to win the fight against poverty special training courses

4 13, a period of three days in the province to win the fight against poverty special training courses in Xining, vice governor Yan Jin attended the ceremony and delivered a speech.

Yan Jinhai pointed out that the training organization is strong and distinctive features, through three days of intensive training, to further deepen the understanding, improve work skills, enhance the sense of play, to achieve the desired purpose, to further improve the poverty alleviation work great significance. All localities and departments should focus on the provincial government decision to deploy, firm belief in the sense of urgency is not up, not slow and a sense of crisis, the truth, help the poor, the real, see the effectiveness of. Party committees and governments at all levels should conscientiously fulfill the main responsibility, poverty alleviation departments should take the initiative to take the lead to grasp the overall, co-ordination functions. Various industry departments should take the initiative as, fulfill their duties. Cadres at all levels should effectively enhance the overall awareness, sense of responsibility, to ensure a strong and orderly push out of poverty.

Yan Jinhai stressed that the pace of poverty reduction must be for "stable", establish long-term thinking, to prevent the achievement out of poverty, and effectively solve the problem of effective policy landing; classified policy must be accurate, precise, accurate object poverty alleviation project arrangement, the use of funds to help support accurate; be sure to use "love" to take. Feelings, with responsibility, help help poverty; initiatives necessary to "real", do real, real, visit the poor and the suffering of aid measures to help the effect of poverty alleviation; be sure to "win", and strive to create a "poverty alleviation, each industry department leaders caught force attacking a game of chess pattern, ningxinjuli win poverty alleviation war.


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