Today some areas of the city will be without water

in conjunction with the construction of Xining City South Expressway, Xining water supply company will be 14 to December 3rd at 5 on the transfer of water pipe construction 9. By then, part of the urban water supply will be cut off, part of the region affected by water pressure, the general public to do a good job of water reserves.

water company announced that 2, with the South Ring Expressway Construction in Xining City, our company will shift to meet the construction in December 3, 2015 14:00 5 9:00 in Xichuan south of DN1000 water pipe, water, five water stop dopa. Then, Xichuan Road (sea lake junction to the West), Huangshui waterways, Qaidam Road (clove Group West), beautiful Lake District, Xigang District, Water Street (including salt Zhuang District, the Executive Bureau) along water users.

Kunlun Road, 54 street, Xinning Road, Haiyan Road extension (sea crossing Lake – Yushu District), West Main Street, West Street, South Street, South Gate Street, summer street, Garden Street, South Street, Nanshan Road, Luo Guan Road, Nanchuan Road (Kunlun road and Tongren Road Cross – Nanchuan Road passenger transport station), Ledu Road, Republic Road (public street – Nanshan Road), Jianguo Road, Delingha Road, East Lane woods (mass street, Nanshan Road), Huang Zhonglu (81 intersection, Nanshan Road), Bayi Road, economic development zone, water and other water users of water safe area will be affected, and the higher floors users will be without water.

another, December 4th 9:00 – 5 9:00 my company Nanshan pressure station for maintenance, along the Phoenix mountain road users will be without water.

bulletin please the majority of users to do a good job of water storage, and pay attention to the closure of good water facilities. If you need to consult the relevant matters, please call the water supply service hotline 8112112, complaint telephone number 8115115.

in case of rain and snow and unfavorable factors, construction will be postponed.


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