Starting this year Xining industrial and commercial system will strengthen food safety law

Informed of the meeting held in Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau days before the reporter, from this year, the city’s industrial and commercial system will strengthen the food safety work in accordance with the law, the full implementation of the city’s food market commodity inspection, invoices for cable card, substandard food delisting, the admittance system of "four standard" measures. At the same time will focus on the market in the field of management.

one is to regulate the behavior of food distribution enterprises. Establish key commodity admittance system, strengthen supervision and management of the purchase, to the enterprise commodity distribution process, regularly carry out inspection of goods inspection system, invoices for cable card system, substandard food delisting system of enterprises.

two is to regulate the shopping malls, supermarkets, food business behavior. In the last year, more than 50 square meters of food business operators to implement the key commodity access system, based on the expansion of the following 50 square meters of food business operators to implement the system, and strive to promote the implementation of the Xining area of up to 90%.

three is to regulate the professional market, trade market food business behavior. The focus will be the Sea Lake Road, Sanming market fruits and vegetables wholesale market and oil market as a Renjie food safety management market, perennial continuously strengthen management. Four is to regulate the quality of food sampling. (author: Shi Fei)


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