Propaganda Department of Xining municipal Party committee to help support the situation


Xining city government enterprises build a model village campaign started, the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department to perform their duties conscientiously, actively helping to build, promote military enterprises build activities. Before and after the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, Minister of propaganda department, City Union president Wang Haihong repeatedly to "build a village for the construction consultation, held a forum to fully understand the village, town, village, give advice and suggestions, help build a village" nalon village is determined to build infrastructure, housing construction, rural environmental remediation and other 3 items 12 small items. At the same time, rational planning, clear scope.

Carry out

to nalon village government and army business activities to build compact, orderly and standardized, the leadership of the Propaganda Department on-site guidance to the construction activities. Clear requirements of the village "two committees" formulate related implementation plan, be sure to grasp the quality of the construction project activities, and implementation of the project should be combined with the general planning of the county seat, connected with the county infrastructure network, truly to the integration of urban and rural areas; drinking water, sewage treatment, road hardening, greening project scientific arrangement, easy to difficult, to distinguish between levels, not to engage in repetitive construction. Raise funds for reconstruction, 200 thousand yuan of funds to build the village, for the wall, the wall decoration hats and other items. As of now, a total investment of about 14300000 yuan, of which the farmers invested nearly about 6000000 yuan, labor discount about 2000000 yuan, completed the transformation of 150 households farmers door, whitewash the walls of 12000 square meters, the wall cap of 1.5 kilometers, more than 4 thousand square meters for brick wall, Sheung Shui pipeline renovation 5 kilometers, water pipeline laying 9 kilometers, 3 kilometers of road hardening. 46 of new housing households. (author: Xu Shunkai)

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