Xining consensus of public transport the party is the vanguard of the cause of development

"Xining’s public transport enterprises can achieve such a good development today, with the party’s vanguard exemplary role is inseparable." This is the Xining city public transport limited liability company chairman Zhang Shaofeng a few words from the bottom of the heart is all people, Xining public consensus.

October 17th, Zhang Shaofeng in an interview with reporters, said the rapid development of Xining, more and more shows the atmosphere of the metropolis. The rapid development of Xining economy and culture led to the development of Xining public transportation, so far, the bus company has a total of 1768 buses, 57 lines throughout the urban people traveling more convenient high streets and back lanes. After the extension of the bus line to the countryside, more convenient exchanges between urban and rural areas. In addition, the strength of enterprises by tens of millions of dollars to today has 5 hundred million assets, annual income is expected to exceed 3 hundred million, these are the strong evidence that only under the leadership of the party, the enterprises can gain great development, our life can be better every day.

"urban public transport priority development" and other policies, and even inspire employees to develop enterprise confidence and determination. The majority of Party members are consciously use their own practical action to play a leading role. Public transport enterprises, serving party members 829, at the end of each year in the Democratic review, there is no unqualified party members, so far, there is no one party members of the enterprise discipline problems. Good appraisal results in a party, accounted for 80%, they made outstanding achievements in their respective jobs. Among the first party members, whether it’s a line driver or a repairman, everyone has finished the task more than once a month.

bus company employees Guo Xiaohua is a long-term work in the forefront of an ordinary Party members, in her lead, the staff to complete the task of passenger. Her story is enough to prove the leading role of Party members in enterprises. She was honored to be elected as the representative of the 17th National People’s congress. In the enterprise, there are a lot like Guo Xiaohua silently in the party, they are the vanguard of enterprise development, 829 party members is 829 flags, in future work, they will work with employees together, to struggle together, so that the development of enterprises to a higher level. (author: Wang Fulian)


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