Shanghai 6 6 entrepreneurship support policies and measures

as a leading and innovative economy China, Shanghai city in the business support also always stand in the forefront, according to the current popular Internet business and entrepreneurship service put forward a number of new deal, the inadequacies of existing policies.

6 a new venture including: the introduction of talent residence integration policy, the start-up period of entrepreneurial social insurance subsidies, outstanding entrepreneurial projects incentives, entrepreneurship financing policy, business incubator subsidy policy and entrepreneurship subsidies policy guidance station.

provisions of the new policy, the young college students entrepreneurship organization founded within 3 years of Small and micro businesses, individual industrial and commercial households, farmers’ cooperatives, private non enterprise units in Shanghai, Shanghai, new recruits laborers and shall pay social insurance premiums, can apply for social insurance subsidies according to the number of new tactics. Subsidy standards for Shanghai last year, the average monthly wage of 60% as the base of the payment unit to pay social insurance premiums   50%, the maximum subsidy period of up to 3 years, the annual subsidy of up to $20 thousand per entrepreneur.

has been carried out for industrial and commercial registration of the network business entrepreneurs can enjoy the same policy to support the entrepreneurial employment in Shanghai city. The industrial and commercial registration, but in the network business platform business network real name registration, stable operation and good reputation, can apply for business loans and discount policy guarantees the highest 150 thousand yuan according to the provisions.

6 includes: improve policies to further expand the scope of business loans and discount, to further expand the scope of individual industrial and commercial tax relief, to further expand the scope of subsidies for entrepreneurship training trainee, to further expand the business recommendation

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