Environmental protection in China by the Chinese Environmental Award

To commend and reward outstanding contributions in China’s environmental protection cause and the outstanding achievements of the collective and individual, this afternoon the eighth session of the China Environmental Award Ceremony will be held at the Great Hall of the people in the press room, 20 in the province for many years engaged in the promotion of environmental protection environmental protection guard for the first time Ge Yuxiu folk education of China Environmental Award for outstanding person award.It is reported that the

, Environmental Award (China Environmental Award) in 2002 by the China Environmental Protection Foundation established in 2007, to support China’s environmental protection cause, Baosteel shares to the China Environmental Protection Foundation donated 50 million yuan, since 2007 the "Chinese Environmental Award" was approved as "Baosteel" name. The award on environmental management, environmental protection 5 aspects of the awards, and selection of the group composed by the national 11 ministries, China environmental award every two years for the selection, among which the environment prize is 100 thousand yuan, the Chinese Environmental Award in China is currently in the field of environmental protection in the highest social rewards.

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