3000 players sprint folk Gala

December 20th, Qinghai Folk Spring Festival evening show on the fourth round of auditions began, as of now, the province has about 2000 people to enroll in the folk art of the audition, more than 200 candidates for the program in the province of. At the end of this month after the start of the fifth round of auditions, the estimated total enrollment may exceed 3000. According to reports, after a series of auditions can eventually boarded the Qinghai Folk Spring Festival Gala program is expected to only more than and 20.

in the fourth round of auditions, 2014 Qinghai Folk Spring Festival Organizing Committee official told reporters, after three consecutive years of organizing, Qinghai Folk Spring Festival popularity index rose rapidly, has become hot, attracted all walks of life in urban and rural areas across the province of folk art in Master, in the propaganda, mining Qinghai local culture, protection and the role of Qinghai local intangible cultural heritage and rich people of all ethnic groups in the province of spring festival culture has more remarkable. According to reports, in 2014 the theme of the Qinghai Folk Spring Festival is: show our province folk art, sing the Chinese dream, sing a new life, eulogize the United States and Qinghai, Acura happy Xining. On the basis of previous single program in instrumental music, vocal music, keep dancing, opera, acrobatics, magic, acrobatics, comedy, skills, poetry recitation, calligraphy and painting, paper-cut, Thangka, pottery, original works of art and so on, will deliberately arrange 5 new items: three years before the Spring Festival Gala is not the shadow of Huangzhong Tian Zhai county. Datong; "Shaanxi village" Shuo Bei Cun opera drama; hand embroidered soles, embroidered, Duixiu other art show; endangered folk songs; large martial arts etc..  

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