Datong county Party committee and the main person in charge of the County Commission for Discipline

for the implementation of "the main person responsible for the Party Standing Committee to the County Commission for discipline inspection reporting system (Trial)", urging the main party responsible person to fulfill the responsibility of honest government, strengthen to fulfill a pair of responsibility of consciousness and initiative, in August 21st, the County Commission for Discipline inspection organization held the party and the government is mainly responsible for the township Discipline Committee and Standing Committee of the County Commission for discipline inspection work report.

, county health and food and drug supervision and Management Bureau, county farming and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau, Starr town Party and the main person responsible for reporting the situation and fulfill a pair of "the township, the unit clean government work; Huang Zhen, township Commission for Discipline Inspection Report of the bliss of the township to carry out clean government the situation. Meanwhile, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Standing Committee on the implementation of the township party and government departments responsible for the implementation of the accountability system for questioning and evaluation. Finally, county deputy secretary Wang Xuewen on how to further strengthen the leadership cadres of self construction and deepen clean government responsibility to implement the several requirements: is a main party responsible for the people to strengthen the sense of responsibility, earnestly shouldering a pair of responsibility, should attach great importance to the township, the Department of honest government the work of the first responsible person, enhance the sense of duty, the work of discipline inspection and other work organically, through strengthening the party building work to ensure the smooth development of the work of the other, with other work to reflect the work of honest government. two is a party responsible person should be honest, clean, must always remain vigilant, to the party and the people highly responsible spirit, the correct exercise of power, not victims of abuse of power. three is the township discipline committee should be based on their own, and strive to improve the ability to perform their duties, to work around the Party committee and government center, around the hot and difficult problem of the masses, the actual work around the township, strengthen the rural clean government, will work at the grassroots level of honest government, grasping the characteristics of catch effect. four is a member of the County Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee, to perform their functions, conscientiously perform their duties, to further enhance the sense of responsibility, sense of duty, exemplary consciousness, sense of purpose, give full play to participate in collective decision-making, implementation and supervision functions.


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