Around the lake is a story of the first round of the tournament is the spread of green low carbon me


"green, humane and harmonious", for a long time, the lake race as the theme, in the promotion of environmental protection national low carbon concept, not only makes the event a wonderful sports festival and people of all nationalities common festivals, the event has become a public advocate of low-carbon green, received good social benefits.

in the Toba Lake Race second stage to the chase scene end point, we met a group of spectators riding friends, just attended the college entrance examination, they are cycling fans.

"we all like to ride a bike, through contact with each other, our group has built its own chase DK bicycle team, 64 members of the age of large and small, from the first to the university. I will organize training in the surrounding, so now all holidays, riding together." Team captain Zhao Shengbin said.

players Zhao Wenhong looked very lively: see the lake race was very excited, want to ride a bike to travel together. Because of low carbon, environmental protection, but also exercise, the family is also very supportive. Cycling is a hundred kilometers zero fuel consumption, so we want to attract more people to participate in the promotion of cycling."

with the promotion of green low-carbon, a number of bicycle sales stores are also rising.

Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County is the largest bicycle sales outlets boss Ma Zhongqing is a bike enthusiast, he told reporters: "with the lake race held cycling in Datong County, more and more popular, atmosphere is very good, because of the bicycle’s favorite, so opened a bike shop, to provide help and services for the love of bicycle."

chat, Ma Zhongqing said that they all like to ride a bike, and every weekend will be around the world with many cycling enthusiasts organized tour activities. Civil servants, enterprise workers and many other industries are involved, both physical exercise, but also enjoy the comfort of the work.

"because of the drive around the lake, and now the business is not bad, with the low carbon environmental protection is getting better and better, the bicycle industry and bicycle sports will develop better and better." Ma Zhongqing says.

low carbon environmental protection is an eternal topic of mankind, and now the Lake Race carrying this idea has gone farther and farther. It allows people to enjoy the fun of sports, to maintain health in sports, leading more people to choose a green low-carbon lifestyle.


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