Build Qinghai model and listen to experts hot

In October 25th, organized by the provincial government, the Provincial Tourism Bureau, the provincial finance office of Qinghai to host the "Travel + financial forum, four experts from Peking University, new Hualian Group, industrial bank, China Development Bank, focusing on the theme of" tourism + finance ", launched a how to create the" Qinghai model "brainstorming.

do "Travel + finance", is the tourist resources of Qinghai into the capital advantage, with better investment environment and attract more professional investment and financing platform for tourism projects to combine to accelerate tourism resources and capital. Qinghai should make full use of "The Belt and Road" national strategy and national policy of ethnic areas, to plan and key investment, strengthen the ability to attract and cultivate talents, good environment and service to create a "depression".The general manager of

under the new economic normal, Qinghai to promote financial and tourism integration, is to promote the integration of tourism resources in the capital as the link. Qinghai is rich in tourism resources, to further develop the tourism industry, it is necessary to accelerate the integration of tourism resources, thus, the establishment of a professional platform for tourism resources is very necessary."

financing mode is multiple, for example, to encourage the development of private equity funds and venture investment funds, to guide all kinds of financial institutions, risk investment institutions, fund equity financing, asset securitization, travel ticket pledge for innovative and Entrepreneurial Small and medium-sized tourism enterprises etc..

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