Hundreds of free movie tickets warm hearts

January 24th, reporters from the city district science and Technology Bureau of sports and Tourism Bureau was informed that in the "cultural Huimin film week" activities to the masses to send more than 700 free movie tickets, let the masses see.

it is understood that the 9 day cultural Huimin film week "activities held in Xining Xixia studios, Chengzhong District Science and Technology Bureau of sports and tourism to conscientiously implement the party’s the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee spiritual and cultural Huimin policy, on behalf of the district government will be more than 700 free movie tickets to the sanitation workers, educators, medical and health workers, community office staff, urban low household and the people’s police and armed police soldiers hands, a large part of the wonderful to many have been to the cinema for many years without mass gains a holiday gift, to create a warm and peaceful festive atmosphere. It is reported that the city of science and Technology Tourism Bureau will organize more mass cultural activities during the two sections, for the people of all ethnic groups in the region to offer a holiday blessing.


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