Ministry of civil affairs research team to investigate Civil Affairs

11 25, -28, Jia Yulin, Party members of the Ministry of civil affairs and his party investigation of temporary relief, medical assistance, pension services and other key civil affairs.


research group visited the home for destitute persons, guaranteeing that the object, this object, left-behind children, and community nursing homes, the civil affairs policy in the implementation of the grassroots, into the orphanage, the old Xining Yihe Park, sea public home-based care services company, on-the-spot investigation and construction of government services to raise the old buy home-based care services work.

Jia Yulin gave full affirmation of the province’s civil affairs work. He stressed the need to seriously study and understand the spirit of the party in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, especially to Qinghai General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward the "four to" protect and improve people’s livelihood, strengthen social governance "major requirements, combined with the actual work to implement; to adhere to the problem oriented, what problems to solve what problem, what problem what to resolve outstanding problems; strengthen investigation and study, do the" two mile ", before one kilometer is policy formulation, the top-level design should be correct, the last mile is the policy landing problem, due to the conditions, should be differentiated policies, with innovative thinking and method of carrying out work from system and mechanism to get to learn the good methods and experience.


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