June Xining new housing prices rose 6 9%

According to the National Bureau of statistics, Xining investigation team survey in June, the Xining real estate price index edged up to run stable, in the country’s 70 large and medium-sized city, Xining City, the new housing price index up to 106.9, the chain was 101.1, in the country ranked twenty-first and seventeenth respectively. In the western 12 key provincial cities in the same period in the top fourth, the chain tied with Lanzhou in the northwest of the province’s capital cities in the year of second and a chain of more than first in the year of first in the same period of the year, the number of the world’s top 5.

June, in Xining new residential, 90 square meters and more than 90-144 square meters or the highest, rose by 7.3%, up below the square of 144 square meters. From the chain perspective, 90 square meters of the following rose by 1.6%, 90-144 square meters rose by more than $144, up more than 1.2% square meters.

June, Xining second-hand housing price index up to 103.5, the chain was 100.5, respectively ranked twenty-sixth and twentieth in the country’s 70 large and medium-sized city in the West; 12 key capital city were ranked fifth and fourth in 5; northwest of the capital city ranked second and first respectively. Second hand housing 90 square meters following an increase of 3.4%, the chain rose by; 90-144 square meters rose by 3.6% year on year, the chain rose by more than $0.4%, an increase of more than 144 square meters, up by 0.4%.


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