Strong confidence in the amount of cohesion to implement and promote the solid poverty alleviation

12 13, the Provincial Standing Committee, Secretary General Wang Yubo to the point of poverty alleviation work Longhua Hui Autonomous County Supervision and research work.

He has to go to

and see the tie Ba Zhen Dong La, Luo Hu Zang village relocation of the whole village poverty alleviation projects construction precision, slave Ashe Xiang Sai what library village, poverty alleviation Hand-Pulled Noodle industrial development training service center, the research of precise poverty alleviation project implementation, supervision of the provincial Office of the village poverty alleviation work team work, visit condolences to the needy, to communicate with the county, town and village cadres and the masses.

Wang Yubo stressed that poverty alleviation efforts in Longhua County, but the task is still arduous. To sum up the work, strengthen confidence, to implement and reality, plan and do a good job next year. Poverty relief work to do in the hearts of the masses, the number of people out of poverty should be able to feel the warmth. To re balance, emphasis on long-term, re integration, continue to inspire the masses out of poverty endogenous motivation, effective use of the parties to help support and other external forces, cohesion stronger work force. To continue to explore the issue of industrial development, the relocation of poor nest and poor for the industry, to ensure that move out, stable, can get rich. To do a good job training, better service, grasp the norms, continue to promote the "paid on-the-job training and entrepreneurship", strengthen the quality and brand building, will become bigger and stronger Hand-Pulled Noodle economy, give full play to the leading and supporting role in the industry Hand-Pulled Noodle of poverty alleviation in the war. Village cadres to keep in mind the provincial trust, serving the masses practical, learn the masses, real experience and feelings of.


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