Wenfeng monument bicycle race all welcome drivers

sponsored by the government, the City District of Xining City, Xining City Tourism Bureau, Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Xining Municipal Sports Bureau and other units, the Xining City District Science and Technology Tourism Bureau of the third session of the Wenfeng monument ecotourism scenic spot mountain bike Invitational start soon, reporters from the city district of Xining city departments understand that the game is ready for the start. According to the Xining Municipal Science and Technology Bureau of sports and tourism, tourism city district chief Liu Dewei introduced a month ago, the district science and Technology Tourism Bureau staff invited bicycle professionals, many times to the tournament’s line, eco tourism scenic area and the total of the racing line Zhen, the surrounding environment was carried out in the game on the line of evaluation. Try riding the game repeatedly, one repair line breakage, pothole place, and organize the sanitation workers clean up the game line and the surrounding garbage, and competition for security, health, medical care, food safety, volunteers and other personnel and equipments are in place.


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