The Earth Hour xiadou landmark discharge makeup part

are you a green, or a low carbon? Last night, Earth Hour campaign swept the world again. The neon lit xiadou part of landmarks in 20: 30-21: 30 lights for one hour, to promote low-carbon, environmental protection, green living ideas.

it is understood that the "Earth Hour" is the world natural foundation (WWF) is an initiative to the global issue, calling for individuals, communities, businesses and governments in March of each year on the last Saturday lights for one hour, in order to inspire people to protect the earth’s sense of responsibility. March 23rd night, the city’s major enterprises, colleges and universities have volunteered to join the earth hour campaign. 20:30-21:30, Nanshan, Beishan, Pu Ning Zhizhu, Qinghai department store boutiques and other landmarks have removed the beautiful "neon makeup". Not only that, Qinghai Normal University south campus, Qinghai Nationalities University, Qinghai medical college students also joined the spontaneous activities, several college campuses turned out the lights, the hustle and bustle of the university campus than in the past adds a bit of quiet. Qinghai normal university students feel that Luger is very meaningful, not only energy saving and environmental protection, also left a quiet space for yourself, can quietly alone to think about some problems.

people are keen to participate in such activities, Mr. Yan said: "as a member of Xining, in addition to the" Earth Hour "special period in organization of energy saving and environmental protection, energy saving, low carbon environmental protection road there are many need to explore."

there are a lot of people they told reporters during the hour is spent in this way: turn off the lights, and disconnect all household electrical power, give yourself a daydream space; out of the house, to greet the peace day chatting with the neighbors; enjoy candlelight dinner at home, enjoy the quiet long; turn off the phone, with the family to talk about feelings; plants in pots or downstairs to plant a small garden…… (author: Fang Xu)

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