Provincial government held a teleconference to deploy the province to support the integration of poo

9 1, the provincial government held a teleconference, the deployment of the province to support the integration of poor counties to use financial funds related to agricultural work. Vice governor Yan Jinhai attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

the meeting pointed out that the support of the poverty stricken counties in the use of fiscal agricultural funds to co-ordinate the integration of the pilot, is a strategic decision of the CPC Central Committee and State Council on global poverty alleviation made, also play a leading role in poverty alleviation and development of financial capital and the agglomeration effect, improve the efficiency of capital allocation, guarantee the key poverty alleviation fund demand to. Party committees and governments at all levels and related departments should stand on the political perspective, strengthen the integration of fiscal agricultural funds pilot’s sense of urgency and responsibility, with greater determination and more effective measures to promote the integration of effective and orderly work.

meeting stressed that the provincial government attaches great importance to the integration of the use of financial resources related to agriculture, decided to carry out the pilot work in the province’s 30 poverty-stricken counties this year, starting in 2017, the province’s poverty-stricken counties in full swing. All localities and departments must unify their thinking, act quickly, get rid of barriers to the right to use the funds to the poor county; to scientific planning, improve the efficiency in the use of funds; innovative mechanisms to effectively build financial integration using system; to strict examination, to ensure accurate integration of capital use.

meeting finally stressed that party committees and governments at all levels should effectively integrate agricultural funds as an important guarantee for poverty alleviation, strengthen the responsibility to play, go all out to complete the task of the pilot, a comprehensive fight against poverty.


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