Provincial propaganda mission in Xining preach eighteen spirits

December 6th, should be invited to Xining, the provincial Party Committee for the mobilization of the party members and cadres of Xining made a wonderful report of the spirit of the eighteen. Xining municipal Party committee members, members of the Xining district and county departments, cadres and representatives of the masses of workers attended the meeting.

report of the meeting, the six aspects of the provincial propaganda team members, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department Vice Minister Zhao Yongxiang from the eighteen major themes, ten years of basic summary and Scientific Outlook on Development’s historical status were explained in simple terms of the spirit of the party’s eighteen.

after the meeting, deputy secretary of the Xining Municipal Committee Su Rong said, the city of Xining to work closely with reality, to study and implement the spirit of eighteen, with the in-depth implementation of the twelve Congress of the province, Xining City, the thirteenth Congress of the strategic plan, goals and tasks combined with earnest plan next year work together, consciously eighteen into the spirit of pointers, planning ideas into the creation of dynamic performance, promote the transformation of work to improve people’s livelihood, into action results, the construction of life of the city, the city of happiness. (author: Wu Yachun)

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