Xining standard conference official reception fee

official reception, training sessions and other funds in the end what is the standard? In December 16th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Finance Bureau, recently, the city issued a "municipal government conference fee management approach", "municipal Party and government official reception expenses management measures", "municipal government authorities training fee management approach" system, which laid the foundation for further strengthening and standardizing the municipal Party and government organs of public management. In the future, municipal Party and government organs meeting training and official reception, etc., will be strictly in accordance with the standards of these management practices.
– clear expenditure range according to the management approach, the official reception fee with reception for meals, transportation and other expenses and conference fees; make clear regulation on the cost of accommodation, meals, meeting room rental, transportation fees, document printing fees and expenses; training fee clear requirements for accommodation, meals, transportation fees, the training site fees, lecture fees, training fees, other charges. And make detailed explanation and explanation of the expenditure items in the expenditure scope. Management approach also requires municipal Party and government organs from the actual arrangements for official activities to ensure normal business activities.
– Specification with expenditure standard official reception, meeting and training work, considering the level of economic development, the market price level of goods and services, management measures formulate expenditure standards of scientific and reasonable public funding. The official reception fee shall be formulated according to the administrative level, and the conference fees and training fees shall be formulated according to the categories and training places. The measures for the administration of

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