Xining Municipal Bureau of justice held a general meeting of cadres to study and implement the curre

The afternoon of October 28th, the Xining Municipal Bureau of justice held all cadres meeting, study and implement the teleconference in October 27th the province’s leading cadres spirit, informed of the current work of maintaining social stability of the situation, the current situation, to further implement the central spirit, a unified understanding of the party members and cadres, comprehensive and accurate implementation of the good education conference spirit, to safeguard national unity harmony, harmonious society made arrangements. It has studied the important speech of secretary of provincial Party committee, provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee for the Qiang Wei, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, Luo Huining on implementing the spirit of the meeting put forward the requirements and spirit of the conference on education reform and strengthen the "bilingual education", specifically to strengthen and reform of bilingual education, is the inevitable requirement of historical progress. Is completely correct. We must resolutely, resolutely and unswervingly strengthen and reform the bilingual education. The meeting proposed "four strong", one is all cadres to keep a clear mind, correct and against "bilingual education" on the fuzzy understanding, wrong ideas and dangerous tendencies, and resolutely criticize all kinds of rumors; two is to firmly oppose the political will have different views on the "bilingual education"; the three is to resolutely correct ambiguous attitude. Every cadre in the treatment of bilingual education reform, must talk about politics, the overall situation, stand firm, clear-cut attitude, consistent with the Party Central Committee and provincial Party committee; four is determined to defeat hostile forces inside and outside the plot. Finally, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of justice on behalf of the bureau Party committee Comrade Sun Guiping stressed that one should improve the understanding, unity of thinking, to stand firm, firmly highly consistent with the provincial and municipal Party committee, through the deep understanding and accurate grasp of the spirit and requirements of the central instructions, patiently and carefully carry out the investigation and resolve conflicts, to do mass work, the the implementation of the work at the grassroots level, to implement, learn to do the publicity work, do the social control to the reform and development of related work stable, each leading cadres to manage their departments and units, educate their children, relatives and subordinates, earnestly fulfill the responsibility to maintain political stability. Two is based on their own, do their own work. We should focus on the propaganda work, especially at the grassroots level, in schools, in areas inhabited by ethnic minorities, we must resolutely safeguard social harmony and stability, take the lead in studying, publicizing and implementing the provincial decision-making and layout, and carry out legal publicity and grassroots people’s mediation work, and strive to create a good environment for development and stability. The three is "grasping with both hands, to actively prepare the current stability maintenance work, work to do the work at the end of the goal, to seriously address gaps and do the data collection work.               News: the Department of justice, the municipal Party committee and the Municipal People’s Congress, the municipal government, municipal CPPCC, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Party Organization Department, propaganda department, committee, office of excellence.   send: party inspection room, municipal information office, municipal government information supervision department, comprehensive management office, municipal organs, Municipal Public Security Bureau, city court, city procuratorate, the National Security Bureau and the Qinghai legal newspaper, Xining evening news agency.  ;

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