Xining public security organs severely punish drunk driving violations

for the implementation of the public security organs to increase the remediation of drunk driving six "to" the spirit of the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment will adopt the centralized management and daily Chajiu combined approach, effectively curb drunk driving.

it is understood that, in order to consolidate the pre remediation action has achieved initial results, the decision of the public security organ will severely punish drunk driving traffic violations activities continued until the end of December. The public security organs will adhere to the "six further", which further increase of drink driving remediation efforts to consolidate City remediation results, and joint extension to the small and medium-sized city and urban and rural areas; to strive for the support of the leadership of Party committees and governments, actively cooperate with relevant departments to establish civil servants drink driving violations Chaogu system for drunk driving the illegal and floating premium system and personal credit system are linked to adverse exploration; further improve the ability to fight against drunk driving, continue to strictly enforce the "four", strengthen the supervision of law enforcement and accountability efforts, promote the establishment of a legally qualified blood alcohol content appraisal conditions of the city and county to further establish and improve long-term mechanism; the remediation work experience, institutionalized and normalized; further perfecting the social communication mechanism To further promote the remediation of other serious traffic violations, to ensure smooth road traffic safety, in order to promote the effectiveness of remediation.

the focus of remediation for hotels, restaurants, bars, entertainment and other surrounding neighborhoods, for high incidence, high incidence of effective control. At the same time will prosecute Wupaiwuzheng, fake brand false, fatigue driving, speeding, overloading trucks manned, bus overcrowding, motor free unit and other traffic violations Luantingluanfang focus on City Road and city (county) Township road.

Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment will adopt the centralized management and daily Chajiu combined approach, on the road from time to time to inspect the streets during the day, night time in the area to set up unified organization of road check. Six squadron to hold the city entrance examination, strict vehicle out of the city into the city, especially on the bus overcrowding, overloading and other illegal vehicles seriously registration, inspection, thorough investigation and severe punishment all kinds of traffic violations; strict "intercede off", in accordance with the procedures. Who found concealed, omission and violation of the "Four Unities" detachment, serious accountability.


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