Xining NPC and CPPCC sound food safety can not forget the small menlian

yesterday, the two sessions in Xining, food safety issues were again made by the deputies, the deputies suggested that the establishment of a sound level of food quality supervision mechanism as soon as possible.

"there are a lot of people put forward the small food processing lack of supervision mechanism, such as steamed bun shop, noodle shop, cake shop etc.." Wang Jinxia, deputy director of the National People’s Congress, said that in the circulation of food industry and commerce departments responsible for the supervision, and the field of production has been a number of supervision blank, especially small workshops, small shops. The delegates learned regulatory control, some small businesses, small processing can only be self supervision according to the national laws and regulations, lack of market supervision, and government departments without supervision, should be clear as soon as possible regulatory responsibilities, strengthen supervision, to ensure food safety. (author: Peng Na)


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