Xining City Commission for Discipline nspection read good supervision and inspection the three cha

this year, Xining City Commission for Discipline Inspection area combining with the "pragmatic innovation" theme activities, in accordance with the concept of refinement, actively play the supervision and inspection of the initiative, to read the "real, refined, diligent" "three words", to promote the implementation of the work of the region.

– read the word "real". To "real" as the goal to improve people’s livelihood, adhere to people-oriented. The progress for the tangible things for the project to carry out supervision and inspection, supervision covering the urban and rural roads, environmental remediation, easy relocation project for the tangible things in 11 categories of 31, the total of the new village boarding primary school, kindergarten school, Camp Street before the school safety project in rural areas, go teach point, community elderly day care centers, standardization of community service centers and other projects as well as the parking lot and sanitation sanitation of public rental apartments "in the construction of track inspection, to ensure the project progress and quality, to ensure the efficiency of the use of funds and public interests.

– read the word "fine". To "fine" as the concept to promote the construction of the project, to create quality projects. This year the region plans to implement 109 projects with a total investment of 2 billion 410 million yuan. Part of the key projects to track supervision, including the Central Plaza North expansion demolition, the construction of various types of business space, fitness centers, new rural construction projects to ensure the quality of the project quality, honest cadres. The full implementation of the construction unit and the successful signing of the "honest responsibility" work, accelerate the construction project information disclosure and the integrity of the system construction.

– read the word "diligence". In order to "ground" for the performance of the construction path realistically organs, building a service-oriented government. By means of supervision authorities in the region to implement, grasping, grasping the service efficiency, streamline work processes, simplify procedures, the establishment of open work mechanism, build efficient public service platform, to create a new image of central pragmatic innovation. Discipline inspection and supervision of the establishment of the mailbox and the Discipline Inspection Commission petition reception day system, smooth the masses to reflect the issue, the channel to express reasonable demands to protect the people’s right to know, participate and supervise.



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