Xining municipal school district superintendent responsibility and the responsibility of inspector a

in April 28th, for the full implementation of the national "education supervision regulations", to further improve the education supervision system, promote the innovation of educational reform, supervise and guide the implementation of school education laws and regulations, rules and national education policy, school behavior, improve the quality of education and teaching, according to the "primary and secondary school responsibility inspectors listed supervision measures" the requirements of Xining city to adjust the municipal school district superintendent responsibility and responsibility of inspectors, inspectors 5 area divided by the original area of the adjustment to 8 area school and school superintendent type. At the same time, 94 comrades appointed as municipal inspectors, including 49 comrades is the responsibility of inspectors, the implementation of regular supervision of the school.

8 area high school district superintendent, (1), middle area (2), primary school district (3), vocational school and kindergarten area (1), private school district (1). Each area consists of about 5 schools.

appointed inspector is very familiar with the education, some university education for many years engaged in leading cadres and senior teachers, there had been a teacher, with broad representation. According to the "primary and secondary school responsibility inspectors listed supervision measures", they will be the school to conduct supervision, guidance for the school management and teaching, acceptance, verification of the relevant reports and complaints, found the problem and urge the school rectification situation, report to the education supervision department proposed the rights and obligations of opinions to relevant government departments. It also has the right to supervise the management of schools, enrollment fees, curriculum, teaching and learning, teachers’ ethics, student learning, academic burden, school safety, health, school spirit, teaching style, style of study and so on.

in order to urge the responsibility of inspectors to perform their duties, to facilitate students to contact parents in Xining City, the production of uniform signs, the name of the responsibility inspectors, photos, contact information and supervision matters prominently published in the school. The superintendent of a term of three years, by the Xining municipal government education is responsible for the assessment and management.


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